Ty Olsson is going to be playing the "pivotal recurring role" of "Benny, a dark and dangerous vampire who helps Dean escape from purgatory." Ackles said that Benny is "not a good guy" and someone who "stands to pose a bit of an issue for Dean because maybe there are things that Dean has hidden that he doesn't want to tell Sam that happened in purgatory." Benny is going to show up in the Supernatural season 8 premiere, and this role brings Olsson back to the CW drama after he appeared in "Bloodlust," where he was also a vampire.


Ty Olsson


After the long Bringing together all the characters to help ground many of this season’s final conclusion. I get strong sense that the producers and cast were sastisfied with the direction that Supernatural is heading. This included bringing back Crowley, Castiel, Bobby, Meg and Dick Roman throughout the series and in the finale. Sam and Dean had to forgive Castiel and focus on the invasion of the leviathans. Also we got se interseting story elements, such as Bobby’s description of becoming a vengeful spirit and the finer points of demon contractual negotiations, these supplemental scenes would typically be a welcomed inclusion to the series mythos. Unfortunately, with what feels to be too-few episodes actually progressing the overall series storyline, the demand for actual story combined with the lack of actual time to provide a competent conclusion to the Leviathans conquest, results in one continuously observing to see if there was more prgression in the story.

When it comes to the Leviathan storyine itself, many loyal supernatural fans agreed that it definetly wasn't the most exicited or well organized season. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with providing some explanation of how a species of monsters would feed off the human race. This season lacked the components to make fans believe it was the best season yet, still this season did have its moments that kept intersting plots. Such as Making attempts to satisfy fan requests for the conclusion to Bobby’s story-arc, the melting of the flask proved to be one of the more enjoyable moments in the finale. While not as emotionally profound as Bobby’s original death, it was still strong enough to make viewers momentarily forget. As for Bobby referring to seeing Sam and Dean again, though not too soon, we could say that perhaps the producers where not only trying to cut back on their effects budget, while also providing some sort of loophole for him to perhaps return in the future. So as this season closes the next place the series finds itself hoping for another season with new exiciting twists.



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